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Why Gen Z are obsessed with looking young

It only takes a few minutes scrolling through TikTok for the obsession with looking youthful to reach your…

14 June 2024


Portraiture allows everyone to be a critic – just ask King Charles

“It’s the red that does it quite frankly.” Dr Robert Wellington, an art historian from The Australian National…

7 June 2024


Now more than ever: Peter Yu’s lifelong commitment to First Nations Australians

When two of the world’s oldest cultures come together to form the backdrop of your childhood, ‘harmony’ might…

29 May 2024


Yeehaw cowgirl! Beyoncé’s new album is making country music more inclusive

Beyoncé has always been a unifier. Even when that means following her down dusty roads, across honky tonk…

6 May 2024


Family vlogging is an ethical dilemma we can’t unsubscribe from

Imagine a childhood where every aspect of your life, both good and bad, is documented and uploaded online…


Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt is digging deep to fight gender inequality

Professor Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt refuses to call herself a victim. Born in a small town in India, Lahiri-Dutt married…

15 April 2024


Iris Apfel: a fashion dandy who proved age is simply a number, darling

In a cultural landscape obsessed with women not being allowed to show their age and, indeed, being told…

8 April 2024


Why a global day for women matters – today and everyday 

Over a century ago, in a time when hashtags didn’t exist, let alone #metoo, women in different parts…

8 March 2024


Colour and conflict: Mardi Gras has always danced between two worlds 

The year is 1978. Homosexually is illegal and queer rights are non-existent, but on a cold winter’s day…


Parasite insights: the award-winning scientist teaching the world about deadly diseases

When it comes to parasites and their reputation in the animal kingdom, it largely, well, sucks (literally). Small,…

27 February 2024


Modern day Madonna? How Taylor Swift’s music takes inspiration from the 80s

There’s a Taylor Swift Love Story happening at the moment, and it will come as no surprise that…

23 February 2024


Thought you had your partner’s love language figured out? Think again.

Whether you are in love, looking for love or have your Facebook status set to ‘it’s complicated,’ there’s…

13 February 2024


Murder (is back) on the dancefloor: TikTok gives old hits new life

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s hit ‘Murder on the dancefloor’ is being sung all over the world again, more than two…

24 January 2024


From code to Vogue: the ANU student behind sustainable food start-up Ohna

When Kayleigh Sleath taught herself to code in her bedroom as a teenager — a start-up that forged…

22 January 2024


“The world lost one of its best people”: Sophie Trevitt’s remarkable legacy

Few people make a lasting impact in some of Australia’s most challenging and important policy areas by the…

15 January 2024


Racing with the sun: student-designed car lights up prestigious solar race

It begins and ends on the red road that connects Darwin and Adelaide. Three thousand kilometres of gum…

12 January 2024


Drink, pray, law

What does Jesus Christ have in common with a decomposing snail? Aside from being unconventional conversation starters, this…


“We all have a role to play”: addressing family and domestic violence over the holidays

Sometimes, the hardest conversations are the ones that are the most important to have – this is true…

22 December 2023


Top glass: making Australia’s most famous trophies 

Hand-making 36 intricate glass sculptures is no easy task — but Australian National University (ANU) alumnus Louis Grant…

13 December 2023


Has the Melbourne Cup run its race?

The Melbourne Cup was once famously known for its ability to ‘stop the nation’, but it’s become a…


“I thought we could find a Voice”: Stan Grant on the referendum defeat

Professor Stan Grant broke his silence on the Voice referendum, sharing his reflections and disappointment about the outcome,…

31 October 2023

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