Tabitha Carvan is a Senior Writer at the ANU College of Science.



Free as a bird: how forensic genomics is helping to stop wildlife trafficking

Researchers have developed a way to protect parrots from the illegal wildlife trade. DNA databases are often used…


Can a wild animal make your house feel like a home?

Every evening in our old house, always around the same time, we’d hear the rumpeta-rumpeta-rumpeta on the roof. “The possums…


We asked physicists to tell us about a time they failed

One thing about stories of scientific failure is they usually start with the exciting possibility of discovering something…

4 January 2024


Star witness: why would you find this ANU astrophysicist in court?

As an astrophysicist, Dr Brad Tucker is frequently asked for expert commentary. You might have caught him on…


Two towers of strength: how ANU is driving Australian nuclear science

When you see the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility at The Australian National University (ANU) – which, if you…


The truth behind the quest to find the elusive night parrot

For such a small, hapless bird, the night parrot sure gets humans worked up. It’s the holy grail…


Why do ANU astronomy students burn their PhD thesis?

“It was the strangest thing you can imagine,” Professor Ken Freeman says. He is remembering walking through the…

16 December 2022


Close now to where it must be

Early one morning, in the winter of 1985, Neil Murray of the Warumpi Band was on a coach…

31 July 2020


Wait, we’re sexist towards birds now?

Sometimes I think I’ve gone too far with seeing the world through a gendered lens. I mean, does…


More than words: Training doctors to break bad news

“You don’t ever want to go in that room,” Professor Imogen Mitchell says, pointing at a doorway as…

30 July 2019

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